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Venue: The Florence of the Elbe

”Dresden – a wonderful city, full of art and history but still not a museum lived-in accidentally by Dresden’s inhabitants. The past and the present live together in harmony. Or I should rather say polyphony. And together with its surroundings, with the Elbe, the bridges, the hilly slopes, the stretches of forests and mountains on the horizon, one could even speak of a whole symphony. History, art and nature waft over the city and the valley like a chord enchanted by its own harmony.”
author and poet, native of Dresden.


Dresden is often nicknamed “Elbflorenz”, denoting it as the German equivalent of the famous Tuscan city. And that is for a reason! The IFK will be held in the middle of the famous historical city center, framed by baroque buildings and overviewing the Elbe river. The International Conference Center is designed to make its visitors feel safe and comfortable. It has direct, barrier-free access for the visitors with special needs.


The local Elbe valley and its direct surroundings is a pathway of both cultural landscapes from the 18th- and 19th-century and of one of the most stunning geological landscapes in Germany. The palaces of Meiβen, Pillnitz and Moritzburg, the Porcelain Manufactory in Meiβen, and the fortifications at Königstein are all within reach by the city’s public transportation. As a scenic highlight, Saxon Switzerland is perfectly located near Dresden for all nature and outdoor activities lovers. It is placed to the south-east of Dresden, not far from the city center and within comfortable reach of public transportation, offering endless possibilities for hiking and climbing.


So do not miss the chance to enjoy the flair of the Saxon capital and combine your IFK-visit with a unique travel experience in Dresden.