IFK History

IFK History

Summary of 11th IFK 2018 in Aachen

The 11th International Fluid Power Conference took place in Aachen from 19th to 21st March 2018. The successful colloquium was held under the motto: “Fluid Power Networks” Digitalization, connectivity and communication, mobile and industrial applications, hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems as well as tribology and fluids were some of the main topics of 28 sessions including 121 scientific talks and the scientific poster session with 22 poster presentations. Fluid Power Networks was also discussed in three key note lectures. More than 750 participants from 31 countries took the opportunity to inform about the newest trends in fluid power technologies. With nearly 68 % of the attendees, fluid power industry shows the importance of this event as a platform to exchange knowledge with scientists from universities in the area of hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control systems. For the first time at IFK, the GFPS Best Paper Award was presented to two outstanding young scientists for the presentation of their work in fluid power research.

The accompanying exhibition provided the opportunity to present innovative products and system solutions. The exhibition area was fully booked with 34 exhibitors which used the occasion to show their portfolio and discuss with interested participants.

Traditionally, the colloquium was followed by a social programme in the evening. The banquet in the historic coronation room of the town hall on Tuesday evening with an entertainment programme performed by the IFAS staff being a highlight for the participants. At the 11th IFK the anniversary of “50 years of fluid power at RWTH Aachen University” was celebrated and the change of leadership of the renamed Institute for fluid power drives and systems (IFAS) from Prof. H. Murrenhoff to Prof. K. Schmitz was announced. On the last conference evening, this was celebrated with many participants and guests.

For accompanying persons not participating in the conference a cultural frame programme was offered with day trips to Düsseldorf and Brussels. After the conference an excursion led to companies and places of technical interest for several participants. They visited the European Transonic Windtunnel in Cologne, the XCMG European Research Center in Krefeld, the SMS Group in Mönchengladbach, and the Hydroelectric Power Station in Coo-Trois-Ponts, Belgium.

Great thanks to all participants, exhibitors and presenters!

10th IFK won the Congress Award

On November 7th 2016, the winner of the 11th Dresden Congress Award has been announced in front of an audience of 300 representatives of politics, science, culture and economy at Dresden Erlwein-Capitol. The 10th International Fluid Power Conference won the congress award in the category 501 to 1000 participants. Professor Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber, director of the Institute of Fluid Power at the TU Dresden received the price representing the IFK-team: “Receiving this award is a big honor to the whole team. A lot of effort, heart and soul was put into this event. I am pleased we established a high-class conference here in Dresden with interesting talks creating an important platform for science and industry.”

ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Dresden Congress Award for the 10th International Fluid Power Conference from left to right: Dirk Hilbert (Mayor of Dresden), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber (Director of the Institute of Fluid Power at TU Dresden), Dr. Bettina Bunge (Managing Director Dresden Marketing GmbH) Photo: (c) Silvio Dittrich

Review on the 10th International Fluid Power Conference

The 10th International Conference on Fluid Power (IFK) was held in Dresden from 8th to 10th March 2016. Being one of the world’s most significant scientific conferences on fluid power control technology and systems it offers a common platform for the presentation and discussion of trends and innovations to manufacturers, users and scientists. The main theme was “Smart Fluid Power”. With more than 600 participants and 37 exhibitors being part of this conference the IFK was once more a central meeting point in fluid power. It is a platform for exchange between the producing industry and researchers at universities, with talks on innovations and discussions about ongoing development trends. This is clearly proven by the statistic of participation (50% university, 50% industry). Moreover the IFK is a world-wide known event with 40% of international guests. © André Wirsig

Impressions of the 10th International Fluid Power Conference

Conference With its 10th edition, the International Fluid Power Conference included 114 presentations from universities and companies that provided an insight into current research activities and innovations. Several new sessions, such as “Novel System Structures”, “Intelligent Control”, “Thermal Behavior”, “System Integration and Safety” and “Actuators and Sensors” represented the current trends in fluid power and extended the traditional topics. Seven general lectures presented the current state of the art and the new developments within their topic in a very structured and informative manner. Conference Pictures by André Wirsig for „Dresdner Verein zur Förderung der Fluidtechnik“, taken at the 10th International Fluid Power Colloquium on „Smart Fluid Power“, Dresden Convention Center © André Wirsig

Words of welcome by Jürgen Weber.
Pumps, General Lecture, Technologies and Innovations for Hydraulic Pumps: Monika Ivantysynova, Purdue University, Maha Fluid Power Research Center, USA.
Greetings from Member of the German Bundestag Michael Kretschmer (CDU).
Greetings from Member of the German Bundestag Michael Kretschmer (CDU).
Words of welcome by Jürgen Weber.
Pumps, General Lecture, Technologies and Innovations for Hydraulic Pumps: Monika Ivantysynova, Purdue University, Maha Fluid Power Research Center, USA.
Greetings from Member of the German Bundestag Michael Kretschmer (CDU).
Speech by Christian H. Kienzle, Chair of VDMA fluid power association.
Demonstrator vehicle: „Green Wheel Loader“.
Digital poster.
Chairman and Speakers.
Impression of the 10th International Fluid Power Colloquium.
Exhibition The accompanying exhibition provided the opportunity to gather information on innovative products and system solutions as well as to get in touch with and converse with experts of the fluid power industry. The exhibition was fully booked with about 400 m2 of exhibition space and 37 exhibitors from Europe and Asia. Exhibition Pictures by André Wirsig for „Dresdner Verein zur Förderung der Fluidtechnik“, taken at the 10th International Fluid Power Colloquium on „Smart Fluid Power“, Dresden Convention Center © André Wirsig
Impression of the Exhibition.
Impression of the Exhibition.
Impression of the Exhibition.
Impression of the Exhibition.

Conference Banquet On the evening of the 2nd day of the conference (March 9th), the conference banquet took place in the historic atrium of the Albertinum. It was an enjoyable evening in an elegant atmosphere, with a delicious buffet and a good opportunity to chat and discuss with each other. Laboratory Party The closing social event of the Conference took place in the test lab of the Institute of Fluid Power. Besides a diverse buffet with countless foods and drinks, there were also some entertaining highlights of fluid-power. Cultural Program For accompanying persons not participating in the conference, a cultural frame program on March 9th and 10th was offered. This included a guided tour through Königstein fortress and the palace garden of Pillnitz on March 9th. The second day included an interesting city tour through Dresden with its historic and modern sights. Excursion On March 11th, an excursion led interested participants to the power plant “Nossener Brücke” that produces approximately three-quarters of Dresden’s power demand. They also visited the “König and Bauer AG” that produces printing presses for more than 100 years.

The 9th International Fluid Power Conference in Aachen

The 9th International Fluid Power Conference took place in Aachen between March 24-26, 2014, and carried the theme: „Modern Fluid Power Challenges, Responsibilities, Markets“ Contributions regarding the leading themes:

  • Simulation and Validation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Systems
  • Automotive Technology
  • Renewable Energies
  • Energy Management
  • New Applications
  • Materials and Fluids
  • Components
  • Pneumatic
  • Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis

have been presented to more than 700 participants from 30 countries. On the first day, the conference was opened with a workshop on „Digital Fluid Power“ and a fundamental symposium. The accompanying exhibition registered an exhibitor record of a total of 35 companies. Besides the festive evening and the hall event at IFAS, a diverse cultural program has been offered. © André Wirsig



8th IFK 2012, Dresden

The 8th IFK under the slogan “Fluid Power Drives” took place in Dresden from March 26th to March 28, 2012. The IFK attracted more than 700 participants from 29 countries. On the first day, international scientists had the opportunity to present the latest topics in the groups

  • A: Valves
  • B: Pumps
  • C: Pneumatics
  • D: Fundamentals and Simulation
  • E: Control of Fluid Power Systems
  • F: Mobile Hydraulics

in a symposium. The two conclusive conference days offered application oriented topics from the groups

  • 1: Mobile Hydraulics
  • 2: Fundamentals, Materials, Tribology
  • 3: Fluid Power in Specific Applications
  • 4: Fluid Power in Automotive Applications
  • 5: Industrial Hydraulics
  • 6: Pneumatics
  • 7: Pumps
  • 8: Valves

Simultaneously to the conference, an exhibition took place with 31 exhibitioners of the industry. This was a platform to talk about the latest trends, technologies, and products. The evening held a festive reception and the traditional hall event at the Institute for Fluid Power at the TU Dresden. The conference was accompanied by a cultural as well as technical supporting programs in and around Dresden.














7th IFK 2010, Aachen

The 7th International Fluid Power Conference (IFK) took place from March 22nd to 24th, 2010 in Aachen, Germany. The year’s motto was “Efficiency through Fluid Power”.

Almost 750 participants from over 30 countries attended the 7th IFK in Aachen. In addition to our European guests, we were also able to welcome participants from China, Japan, Canada, Korea and the USA. Overall, 170 presentations were given and over 40 scientific posters were presented.

The first day of the 7th IFK began with a scientific workshop where participants, most of whom were members of universities in Germany and around the world, presented results of their fundamental research. The workshop was divided into four simultaneous sessions, which dealt with the following nine topics:

  • Gruppe A: Mobile Hydraulics and Mobility
  • Gruppe B: Pneumatics
  • Gruppe C: New Applications
  • Gruppe D: Simulation
  • Gruppe E: Tribology and Fluids
  • Gruppe F: Fundamentals
  • Gruppe G: Automation and Control
  • Gruppe H: Valves
  • Gruppe I: New Measuring Methods

On the two subsequent conference days, presentations were given on the following eight topics in three parallel sessions:

  • Gruppe 1: Mobile Hydraulics
  • Gruppe 2: Tribology and Fluids
  • Gruppe 3: New Applications
  • Gruppe 4: Industrial Hydraulics
  • Gruppe 5: Pneumatics
  • Gruppe 6: Automotive
  • Gruppe 7: Automation and Control
  • Gruppe 8: Simulation / Fundamentals

The accompanying exhibition with 30 presenters allowed the IFK participants to get up to date on recent developments in products, software and services in fluid power as well as in motion and control technology.

The diverse program of the 7th IFK was completed with a conference banquet in the Coronation Hall of Aachen, followed by an informal gathering in the vaulted cellar of Aachen’s town hall.

During the conference and the concluding party, participants were invited to visit the testing facilities of the institute and gather information on current research activities of the IFAS.


6th IFK 2008, Dresden

The 6th International Fluid Power Conference (IFK) was held in Dresden from March 31st to April 2nd, 2008. The conference theme was:

“Fluid Power in Motion”.

The 6th IFK in Dresden was a great success with more than 600 international participants. We not only had the pleasure of welcoming participants from Europe, but also from China, Japan, Korea, the USA and the United Arab Emirates.

On the first day, a workshop took place. Above all, it offered university members from Germany and abroad the chance to present the latest basic research. Lectures were given on the following 6 topics:

  • Mobile Machinery
  • Valves
  • Stationary Machinery
  • New Materials and Fluids
  • Pumps
  • Fundamentals of Fluid Power.

On both conference days, a total of 59 lectures were given on the following 6 topics:

  • Components and Systems for Energy Efficient Mobile Machinery
  • Environmental Acceptability, Safety and Availability of Fluid Power Systems
  • Components and Systems for Stationary Machinery
  • Pneumatics in Automation
  • New Fluid Power Solutions for Vehicle Technology
  • Fundamentals of Fluid Power.

Each of the topic sessions were started with an overview lecture on the subject. The accompanying exhibition with over 30 participating companies was a good opportunity to gather information on the latest products, software and services in the field of fluid power, as well as measurement and automation technology.

A cultural program gave participants the chance to enjoy Dresden’s historical buildings, such as the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) and the Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe). A boat trip down the Elbe river to the famous Königstein fortress enabled them to experience the beauty of the Elbe valley and to learn about Saxon history.

A closing banquet at the Hotel Westin Bellevue in Dresden completed the 6th IFK. On April 3rd and 4th, excursions allowed our guests to visit the following important and innovative companies in the region:

  • BMW Werk Leipzig,
  • Braunkohlekraftwerk in Lippendorf,
  • Materialforschungs- und Anwendungstechnik Dresden GmbH,
  • IABG Luftfahrt in Dresden,
  • Karosseriewerke Dresden GmbH.

5th IFK 2006, Aachen

The 5th IFK was themed ‘Customer Benefits of Fluid Power’ and took place from March 20th to 22nd, 2006 in Aachen, Germany at the Eurogress Aachen and at the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls (IFAS) at the RWTH Aachen University. At this event, we had the pleasure of welcoming more than 500 participants from all over the world.

4th IFK 2004, Dresden

The 4th International Fluid Technology Colloquium with the topic “Intelligent Solutions in Fluid Technology ” took place on March 25th and 26th, 2004 in Dresden. Hosting the conference were the Institute of Fluid Power and Motion Control from the Dresden University of Technology, the Dresdner Verein zur Förderung der Fluidtechnik e.V., the Fachverband Fluidtechnik im Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA) Frankfurt/Main and the Network of Fluid Power Centres in Europe (FPCE). In addition to the main program and the exhibition, a workshop for more lectures was held for the first time. This provided more opportunity for presentations on basic research topics and proved to be very popular among international guests. Both conference days consisted of 56 presentations related to the 6 main topics. Speakers were open to answering questions in small group discussions after the lectures. A total of 418 experts, among whom were 329 Germans and 89 international guests from 20 different countries, attended the 4th International Fluid Technology Colloqium.

3rd IFK 2002, Aachen

The 3rd International Fluid Technology Colloquium was carried out in Aachen on March 5th and 6th, 2002 by the IFAS. “Fluid Power Focused on Applications” was the main topic encompassing the 82 lectures. 25% of the 450 participants were international guests.

Manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic components represented 65% of the guests, while 12% were industrial end-users and 20% members of various universities.

2nd IFK 2000, Dresden

On March 16th and 17th, 2000, the 2nd International Fluid Technology Colloquium (IFK) took place in Dresden, focusing on “Competitiveness of Fluid Power”. Many technical and commercial aspects of the then-current competitive situation were presented and thoroughly discussed in lectures, in-depth discussions and on posters. The conference was organized and hosted by the Institute of Fluid Power and Motion Control at the Dresden University of Technology, the “Dresdner Verein zur Förderung der Fluidtechnik e. V.” (Dresden Association for the Promotion of Fluid Power) and the “Fachverband Fluidtechnik” (Fluid Power Association) in the “Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. (VDMA)” (German Engineering Federation).

The 2nd IFK was attended by 481 people, 406 of whom were from Germany and 75 who were international guests from 19 different countries. Among the participants, 23 % (111 participants) were industrial end-users (machine manufacturers), 40 % (192 participants) fluid power components and systems manufacturers, 30 % (144 participants) members of various universities, and 7 % (34 participants) individual guests from associations, authorities, the press etc.

1st IFK 1998, Aachen

The very first International Fluid Technology Colloqium took place in 1998 on March 17th and 18th in Aachen, Germany. This conference was formed by combining the Aachen Fluid Technology Colloqium and the Dresden Conference for Hydraulics and Pneumatics and aims at presenting international, state-of-the-art research and technology in the field of fluid power. The international orientation of the colloquium was a success, made evident by a large number of lecturers from abroad and foreign participants from 23 countries, accounting for 25 % of all colloquium visitors. 71 % of the guests were representatives of fluid power component manufacturers, 9 % representatives of user companies and 20 % representatives of the scientific research community, associations and journals. A total of 652 visitors attended the conference.