Full Paper Submission

The full paper submission is open. Please use the guideline below as layout template and consider the different deadlines to submit your full paper:

With review: November 15, 2019

Without review: January 24, 2020

In addition to the paper please upload a representative picture in high quality (300dpi) and color (or b/w). If possible, please orient yourself to the horizontal format 4:3 (10 cm x 7,5 cm). The picture will not be printed in the conference proceedings but in the abstract booklet, which is for the visitors’ orientation and also for notes during the lectures. In order to be able to remember individual lectures better after the conference, this representative graphic should supplement the abstract. The abstract booklet is available to every participant in paper form – the conference proceedings only at extra charge with order or in digital form. The picture can therefore be a graphic/plot/… from a presentation or paper, the aim is that the visitor can link it to the lecture.

Further information on the review process you can find below. Please use the following link to upload your paper:

Full Paper Submission

Full Paper Preparation

Once your draft has been accepted for publication, you will be asked to submit a final work for inclusion in the conference proceedings. Please note the following.

  • The full-length paper should have a maximum length of 10 pages.
  • The formatting of your paper should be according to the layout guidelines you can find in the provided template.
  • The full paper should be submitted through your conference author account in docx and pdf format.

*In case of using internet explorer please use the following link to download the template:

Paper Template (.zip)

Presentation and Poster formatting

The templates for presentations and posters can be downloaded here.

  • The presentations on the symposium (on Monday) will be 20 minutes long plus 5 minutes of discussion.
  • The presentations on the conference days (Tuesday and Wednesday) will be 15 minutes long plus 5 minutes of discussion.
  • The presentations of the overview lectures will be 30 minutes including discussion.

Please bring your printed poster in DIN A0 format until latest 9:00 AM on Tuesday, 13.10.2020, to the information desk at the ICD.

Presentation Template (.pptx) *

Poster Template (.pptx) *

*In case of using internet explorer please use the following link to download the templates:

Presentation + Poster Template (.zip)

Optional peer review possibility

For further informations about the peer review process, please expand this menu:

Many public institutions that support research projects require regular publication of the results. To ensure that the results are of scientific value, peer review is often required. We would like to offer scientists the opportunity to have their work evaluated in order to be able to prove the scientific value.

The IFK is traditionally a colloquium where both scientists and representatives of industry come together to exchange their knowledge and experience. Accordingly, a peer review is only meaningful for some of the speakers, with the associated additional effort for both sides. If you wish to have your paper peer reviewed, please check the appropriate box in the paper submission form. In the case that your paper does not stand up to the review, your paper can unfortunately not be published at the IFK.

If you don’t choose a peer review there will still be an internal review based on formatting, picture quality and plausibility on your contribution.

Peer review criteria

  • Does the paper title match the content?
  • Are novelty and scientific or industrial relevance well established?
  • Is the paper comprehensible and logical concluded?
  • Are the results properly validated?
  • Are other publications quoted in a correct manner?
  • How do you judge language and grammar?
  • Are the presented figures comprehensible and do they support the content?
  • Is this paper a first publication?

These aspects serve as orientation for the evaluation and do not claim to be complete.

Peer review timetable

18 November – 13 December     First Review

13 December – 10 January           Incorporation of the comments by the authors

10 January – 24 January                Second Review

GFPS best paper award

The GFPS best paper award is given to authors of papers recognized for outstanding work in fluid power, in both the manuscript preparation and the conference presentation. The conference organizers will select a number of papers candidate for the award from the results of the paper review process. Therefore only peer-reviewed contributions will be considered for the GFPS best paper award. A GFPS delegation will review the selected manuscripts and attend the presentation of each candidate paper. The best paper will be selected on the basis of originality, rigorousness, and technical contents of the manuscript and the quality of the presentation. The presenting author will receive a monetary prize and a certificate.

Please note, that all publications are going to be publishied on QUCOSA.  It provides a free publication and long-term archiving service for scientific documents.


In case of any technical problems, feel free to contact