The 12th International Fluid Power Conference (IFK) will be held in the International Congress Center Dresden (ICC) on March 9-11, 2020. The IFK is one of the world’s most significant scientific conferences on fluid power control technology and systems. It offers a common platform for the presentation and discussion of trends and innovations to manufacturers, users and scientists.

The theme of the 12th IFK will be “Fluid Power – Future Technology!”. The covered topics will enable the development of 5G-ready, cost-efficient and demand-driven structures, as well as individual decentralized drives. Further topics are real-time data exchange that allows the application of numerous predictive maintenance strategies, which will significantly increase the availability of fluid power systems and their elements and ensure their improved lifetime performance.

The main focus of our research is to solve technical problems in an application oriented fashion and to improve sustainable architectures and designs. 

The IFK thrives on interesting scientific contributions of high quality. We welcome and encourage you to submit your newest research and discuss your findings in front of a wide technical audience during the 12th IFK.

We look forward to seeing you in Dresden in March 2020!


Conference Topics

Systems & Methods

Digitalization and Connectivity

  • Data processing
  • Cloud Computing / Edge Cloud
  • Security and privacy by design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Wireless communication (5G)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring

Novel System Architectures

  • Decentralized systems
  • Compact drives
  • Independent metering architectures
  • Energy management
  • Storage and harvesting concepts
  • Regeneration and recuperation
  • New approaches

System Design and System Integration

  • Simulation based design and numerical optimization
  • Thermo–energetic design
  • Software development and test (HiL, SiL, MiL)
  • Functional safety and reliability
  • Cross-domain networking
  • New approaches and methods


Mobile Applications

  • Efficient architectures and smart operation strategies
  • Electrification, hybridization and alternative power supplies
  • Assistance systems, automation, autonomous systems
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Aeronautical, space, rail, automotive and marine engineering

Industrial Applications

  • Improvements in efficiency, productivity and quality
  • Autonomous commissioning and systems
  • Control strategies
  • Machine safety

Pneumatic Systems

  • Miniaturization
  • Decentralization
  • Noise reduction
  • Enhancement of efficiency
  • Mobile applications

Special Domains

  • Medical, Food, Hygienics, Subsea
  • Solar, wind and water power systems
  • Water hydraulics

Components & Fundamentals

Fundamentals and Fluids

  • Pressure media
  • Cavitation
  • Aging and wear effects
  • Surface modifications
  • Sealing technologies
  • Filtration
  • Alternative materials

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components

  • Innovative displacement units and principles
  • Developments in valve technology
  • Cylinder technologies
  • Miniaturized / lightweight components
  • Advanced / additive manufacturing processes
  • Novel approaches and technologies

Actuators and Sensors

  • Smart actuators / new materials
  • Self-contained sensor solutions
  • Ambient sensor technology
  • Functional integration, control and manufacturing process
  • Energy harvesting
  • Improvements and new principles